How to Trade

Setup to trade

Make sure your wallet is connected to Ecoball chain. If it hasn't, go to Connect Your Wallet for wallet setup instruction.

Trade on the Exabc Swap

1. Go to the swap page here.
2. Unlock your EcoBall chain-connected wallet by clicking 'Unlock Wallet' (you can also connect in the top right-hand corner).
3. Choose the token you want to trade in the 'From' section.
Your balance will be shown above the token menu.
4. Choose the token you want to buy and enter the amount in the 'To' section:
'From' amount (the token amount you need to pay) will be estimated automatically.
You can also enter your "From" amount and have the "To" amount estimate automatically.
5. Double check the details, and click the Swap button.
6. More details will pop up. Check the details, proceed to Confirm Swap if details are correct.
Your wallet will final ask your confirmation. Once you confirm, the trade is done. You can view your transaction details on EcoScan.