Exabc Intro

Exabc is inspired by the Uniswap V2 protocol: https://docs.uniswap.org/protocol/V2/introduction
Trade with minimal fee, take maximum profit. Exabc helps to trade with edge.

Where is the edge from?

In contrast to transactions on Ethereum and BSC, transactions on Ecoball chain incur super-low fees, and the network throughput rate is extremely high.
Built on such premise, Exabc is able to relieve traders of heavy fee burdens (only 0.05% of the amount Ethereum-based DEXs charge), while Instant trade match and enriched liquidity pools support high-frequency trading. Exabc is definitely the most CEX-like trading environment in DEX space.

True decentralization, serious security

Exabc has no access to your asset, you trade directly from your wallet. Imagine the scenario where you go to a convenience store that does not offer prepaid card. You only put down your money when you take things.
Decentralized and secured.


If you plan to stronghold ECO, good choice. Because you can earn high yield by staking ECO, maximizing your benefits as an ECO HODLer.

Yield farm

Exabc offers multiple farm to stake LP token, another opportunity to earn ECO.

Earn a share of trading fees

Couldn’t find your favorite token pair in the yield farm? Don’t worry. You could still earn a share of trading fees by providing your LPs, even if the pair has not been listed in the farm.

Luckyball prize

Join the Luckyball prize pool, win up to millions of ECO! Invite your friends, get rewarded on a per trade basis.
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