This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the PancakeSwap community.

Is Exabc legit?


  • Exabc is developed with Pancakeswap open source code, amended according to the needs of Ecoball Chain.

Smart contract design

  • Multi-signature wallets are applied on all smart contract actions.
  • Timelock on smart contracts.


  • Exabc is built on open source software; our website and smart contract are publicly visible.
  • Our smart contract source code is verifiable on Ecoscan: https://scan.ecoball.org/

Where can I stake ECO?

You can stake your ECO in liquidity pools as a liquidity provider. You will earn trading fees as incentives. Visit the Liquidity Pools if you'd like to learn how to stake.
The other way to stake will be yield farming, where you usually need ECO and the other token. See Yield Farming for details.
Remember both staking options are not exempt from impairment-loss.

What is the difference between staking in liquidity pool and yield farming?

Put it in a simple way, the difference comes from the earning sources.
Staking in liquidity pools means you are a liquidity provider, and when someone make a trade on your liquidity, you will earn the trading fee as your staking reward.
As for yield farming, you will earn some specific tokens as your staking rewards.​

How do I farm?

Please visit Yield Farming guide for details.

How do I connect my wallet to Ecoball chain and Exabc?

Please visit Connect Your Wallet for details.

Why is my transaction failing?

You can check the status of a transaction on https://scan.ecoball.org/. You can also see our Pending Transactions Stuck on MetaMask page if you have a stuck transaction.